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Acquisitions and Mergers

We are well placed to support your merger by using it as a catalyst for Transformational change across all merging entities whilst realising Cost Management opportunities that will result in shareholder value whilst mitigating risk.

Acquisitions and Mergers present significant opportunities to deliver substantial cost reduction and transformational change across all merging purchasing activities. As a well-respected Cost Management Consultancy, Optimise5 are well placed to support your merger by delivering substantial shareholder value whilst mitigating risk, this is achieved by undertaking several programmes of work ensuring all benefits are maximised.

Acquisitions and Merger assignments will include the following:

  • An audit of the supplier base across all merging organisations will be initiated to examine potential synergies and opportunities. As a result of the audit, Optimise5 will develop a plan to instigate a Supplier rationalisation and cost management programme ensuring a lean and effective merger.
  • Optimise5 will undertake a plan to design and implement a new purchasing function using the proposed merger as the catalyst for optimising headcount, process, policy and strategy. Optimise5’s extensive Procurement Consultancy experience delivers you the confidence that you are in safe hands with our team of experts.

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